Thursday, April 17, 2014

Weekend Picks: Kansas Relays; Record Store Day; Farmer's Ball; Easter/4-20/Python

Plenty of big events this weekend in LFK, starting with the Scott McLanahan/Sam Pink reading hosted by PBR Book Club and LPL on Friday.

The Kansas Relays are underway, way the hell out at Rock Chalk Park in LFK...if you can find your way through all the construction of the far-from-completed complex.  And the very popular downtown shot put event remains downtown on Friday evening (no thanks to KU Athletics).

Saturday brings Record Store Day and Earth Day festivities.  There's an Earth Day parade but, sadly, not a Record Store Day parade in which scenesters march up and down Mass. Street showing off their Love Garden purchases (well, that happens, but it's not an organized affair).  Check out the Love Garden FB event page here.

And Saturday night brings the opening round of the Farmer's Ball. It's the 20th anniversary of this event.  Get a rundown on the eight bands here via LJ-World.  Our prediction is that it will come down to a tight battle between three already-well-established LFK favorites:  Psychic Heat (ever-present); Oils (ever-involving); and Paper Buffalo (ever-young).  Paper Buffalo's young fans will show up in big numbers, which is not a given for the late-night scenester fans of Heat and Owls. But can those Buffalo fans stay out past their curfew late enough to cast their vote due to the Ball's not-ideal voting rules?  Final prediction: Psychic Heat by a narrow margin, though Chip is for Narkalark, which employs more bleeps and bloops than the others.  Give Narkalark a "like" on FB here.  And visit the Farmer's Ball FB event page here

And Sunday is Easter, and also 4/20.  Dude, the stoners are gonna eat SO MANY Easter Eggs this year!

Make sure to catch Life of Brian at Liberty Hall on Sunday evening as the "Month of Python" winds down.

Did you miss Holy Grail last night? It was a blast.  We especially enjoyed Maggie's opening intro and stern warning to discourage any potential balcony "halfwits" who think their versions of the lines are better than Michael Palin's.  It might still be possible to get one of the sweet posters made especially for the event. 

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