Monday, April 21, 2014

Things We Like This Week: Falcons in LFK; A New Twitter Re-Enactment Project; Famous Gingers Drinking Ginger Beer

Not long ago the City Fathers were poised to pass an ordinance allowing licensed falconers to keep falcons within the city limits.  Not sure if it happened, but let's hope so.   While we aren't licensed falconers, we vow to obtain that license soon, especially after partying with this falcon in South Park on Earth Day.

We've been craving another Twitter historical re-enactment since last summer's #QR1863 Quantrill's Raid project. Luckily, another one is on the horizon for this summer.  While it lacks the local angle, it should still be worthwhile. And they seem okay with a few hijinks involved as well.  We're hearing rumors that the beloved horse of #QR1863 may re-emerge as a War Horse!

Follow @KU_WWI  and @KUCREES for details and attend a "casting call" on April 30 at KU.  Full info for that event here:

And surely we can agree that last week's greatest photo came from our friends at Mass Street Soda. Yep, it's KU basketball's legendary ginger Matt Kleinmann preparing to enjoy a nice ginger beer.  Follow LFK's hippest new business @MassStreetSoda to see which celebrities pop up soon.  We're hoping Val Kilmer stops by to drink some Huckleberry Soda. 

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Marty said...

What if my falcon wants to sit on a porch couch? The city fathers give and they take away.