Monday, April 7, 2014

Early Week Picks: Thieves Guild Goes 80's / Comedy at a Hookah Bar / Nerd Nite 26 Gets Morbid / And More

Our favorite sexy sketching event is back tonight at Fatso's with an installment of 80's-themed poses and performances called "True Colors."  Sketch artists just wanna have fun too, you know!  Visit the FB event page here.

Lawrence's comedy scene seems hellbent on hosting events in every possible unexpected location (Charlie's Eastside; the Big 6 Room at the Eldridge, etc).  Tonight's may be the oddest yet as the Hookah House hosts "Smoking With Comedians."  Yes, you can listen to jokes while enjoying  a special "custom blend to smoke for this night only, at a discounted price." We assume it contains hashish, right?  More info here.

Our favorite LFK "run-of-the-mill experimental, Jungian attic rock trio," Organ Loaners, are at the Taproom tonight with Draags and Captains of Moderation.  Check out Organ Loaners' EP via Bandcamp to hear tunes like "Fueled By Franzia" (great title!) and a rollicking and very loud version of "Milk Cow Blues."

The FB event page for tonight's show is here.

Last month's Nerd Nite was a glorious return to form after a few mixed-bag outings. What does Nerd Nite 26 have in store for us on Wednesday?

PBR Book Club's delightful Lindsey will teach us about parasites in a presentation called "How to be a Great Host: Toxoplasma Gondii and You." She promised us that it will be "gross, but not too gross."

The other two presentations cover burial practices and extinction.

It promises to be a nerdily morbid affair!

Full details here via the FB event page.

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No mention of the death of the Kansan luminary?