Friday, April 11, 2014

Weekend Picks: Massholes; Art Auctions; and the Return of Don Draper

LFK's comedy nerds will be assembling to watch Monty Python's Meaning of Life tonight at Liberty Hall.

Afterward, many will surely drift over to Frank's for a wonderfully-titled new comedy/quiz show called Massholes which focuses (as you can surely guess) on local culture and politics.  Visit the FB event page here, which promises that "The Winner of the evening becomes MAYOR OF LAWRENCE!"  We certainly hope this is true. How many fucking times does Amyx really need to be the Mayor anyway?  We'd totally prefer Mayor Andy Morton.

[Note: the FB event page notes that the start time is officially right around 10:00, to allow the Python-goers time to arrive].


Saturday is the biggest night of the year for the Lawrence Arts Center as they host their 34rd annual benefit art auction.  It's an impressive collection.  As of Wednesday, when we strolled through, you can totally still place the first bid on Burroughs' $30,000 triptych.  Get on it, high rollers!

Personally, we'd prefer this much more affordable piece of suitcase-art with Burroughs painted on it.

Sadly, though, most poor LFK scenesters can't even afford the $40 ticket to get in the door.


And Sunday? Sunday looks boring.  Maybe you should stay home, get high, and catch the season premiere of the final season of Mad Men.   It's gonna be groovy, as the poster suggests.

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