Monday, April 28, 2014

Early to Midweek Scenester Picks: Hold Steady and Deer Tick; Sorority Slashers; Super Nerd Night

It's an odd day in LFK.  The library is closed.  Free State  is closed. What the hell is one to do?

Well, ol' John McCauley is down at the Granada tonight with Deer Tick. Will he behave, or will he misbehave?  The Hold Steady is the headliner.  Pitchfork isn't particularly impressed by their new album Teeth Dreams except for the opening line, which they fucking LOVE (but strangely do not quote):  "That beautiful shit Finn used to talk? Those beer-battered barroom floors and sloppy upper-Midwestern hagiographies? That neurons-blazing, every line-better-than-the-last Minneapolis mythos? The gang's all here."  (full review here).


Tuesday brings the "Sorority Slashers" edition of Horror Remix to the Bottleneck.  Chip is particularly excited for this one, since these films will almost certainly feature A LOT of boobs.  More than usual even. The FB event page is here

And Super Nerd Night is back at the Bottleneck on Wednesday but we're not having much luck finding flyers or FB event pages right now.  Hook us up, somebody.  Anyway, bands are probably playing while nerds do nerdy stuff.  You know the routine by now.

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