Thursday, May 1, 2014

Weekend Music Picks: A Minor Forest; A Major Radkey Appearance; A Split Lip Sighting; and Love Garden Turns 24

A Minor Prophet is touring for the first time in 15 years.  Some people are VERY excited.  Namely our buddy Zach.  Catch them tonight at the Replay along with Giant's Chair and Muscle Worship.

Radkey is so hot right now!  They've won the hearts of Europe and now they're making their return to LFK in the huge venue of...the Replay.  Be early for once or prepare to wait in line awhile.

The Bottleneck hosts Split Lip Rayfield and Drakkar Sauna and Red Eye Gravy (from Oklahoma) on Friday.  You know two of those bands very well.  But take a look at Red Eye Gravy on FB and prepare for a wild cow-punk experience.

The poster is cool.

But Chip thinks the poster from an upcoming show in Norman is far superior.

Love Garden just couldn't wait till their 25th anniversary for a huge bash, so check out the major celebration of their 24th at the Granada on Sunday.  Woods headlines a big slate of bands and the FB page offers this mysterious and promising statement: "The hope is to use the Granada space in a pretty unusual and sweet fashion."   Let's hope that it's more sweet and unusual than the recent "seated show" for Mates of State, in which the setup was pretty silly.  Visit the FB event page here and read an report on the festivities here

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