Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Our LFK Halloween Picks: Booze, Blues, and Boos (Get It??)

Halloween is nearly upon us and we haven't even evaluated the best party options yet.  But most of you have probably already committed to your venue of choice at this point.

Kick things off tonight at the Jazzhaus (what??) with a farewell show for Tyler Gregory who's flying south (or maybe west) for the winter like some kind of glorious, bearded, folksinging bird.

The Replay serves up a diverse bill of doo-wop (Dean Monkey) and pretty pop (The ACBs) and spirituals (Spirit is the Spirit) and rock and roll (Stiff Middle Fingers).  Plus, the best Halloween people-watching in town.

Delta Saints bring their boozy, bluesy hijinks to the Bottleneck for the 3rd straight year.  Reread our interview with the band here.

The more hardcore among you will attend the "Punk Rock Black Mass" at Frank's North Star, which features Ask an Adult and Brownbackistan.  The FB event page is here.  And here is the featured image on the page (which looks like pretty much any given night at Frank's) :

Dumptruck Butterlips hosts the annual "costume ball" at the Granada.  It's your best bet if you're into Halloween hula-hooping.


And the Jackpot has...a Jerry Garcia Band cover band (presumably NOT to be mistaken for a Grateful Dead cover band).  Also on the bill: a band with the delightful name of Sweet Knievel.  Is weed permitted at this show?

If the bars are not your thing, how about the LAC's production of Sweeney Todd, which has a late Halloween start-time of 9:00.  And the damn thing is 3 hours long already!  That's intense.  We're hearing good things.

Less professional, but very popular and much more scenester-friendly (in pricing) is EMU's annual Horrorshow, also going on at the LAC on Halloween and through the weekend:

Happy Halloween!

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