Thursday, October 10, 2013

Nerd Nite 21 Recap: "He was bright, but REAL emo!" / Weekend Picks Including Chicken-Fried Meatloaf, Rock Shows, Rap Shows, and Mother Earth News Fair

Nerd Nite happened again and this time it cost a dollar!  Here's a paragraph that provides a feel for one of the smaller Nerd Nites in awhile  and also one that had a strange, sometimes-awkward vibe (not that this is a bad thing and, in fact, seems befitting of such nerdery):

"He thinks we're the same person."  Building on a series of quotes, Rob Schulte launched us into an immersive look at Sam Shepard's five (not three!) family plays, leaving us with a sense of how the careers of great artists often consist of a near-obsessive reworking of recurring themes (such as identity and the mythology of the American West).  We were hoping Rob would don a rabbit-fur coat (that's a Shepard reference, kids!) and perform a monologue or two, ideally the one from Buried Child where Vince looks into the rearview mirror and sees himself melding into his father and grandfather and entire male family line in a terrifying (somewhat Lynchian) moment.  Up next, Jon Kaleugher (smartly besuited for the occasion) explored the history of the "problem of sitting," one of whose solutions is the Eames chair.  Obviously, this presentation should have been delivered from the comfort of an Eames chair, but at least it included a bunch of pics of famous people sitting in Eames chairs (look: it's Adam Sandler!)  And speaking of working out one's obsessions, Kaleugher found time to reference two of his own: Faulkner and Mad Men.  Finally, Wonder Fair's Meredith Moore convinced us all that artist/writer/socialist William Morris ("He was bright, but REAL emo!") did a LOT of important things, including inspiring authors such as Tolkien.  He also designed a famous chair (take that, Eames!).   Meredith's presentation included our pick for most inspiringly nerdy line of the night:  "Things matter, and the people that make them matter."  Right on, nerds.


So what's up this weekend?

Kick off your Friday with a romantic dinner at Basil Leaf Cafe, now operating out of Joe's Bakery on 9th.  At first, we were sad that it was moving out of the gas station digs, but then we saw that the new menu features...chicken-fried meatloaf (made of buffalo, beef, and pork).  See you there.

Chip:  "Chicken-fried meatloaf" may be the most beautiful combination of sounds in the English language. More beautiful even than "cellar door," if you catch my reference.

Here's a glorious photo of this dish via Basil Leaf's FB page


Hippies, progressives, environmentalists, farmers, animal lovers and others are hyped for the Mother Earth Fair in Watson Park, which expects to draw shockingly huge crowds for two days of workshops and high-profile environmental speakers such as Temple Grandin and Ed Begley Jr.

Chip:  "Will Begley be riding into LFK in his little car that's powered entirely by his own sense of self-satisfaction?  Oh how I love a chance to employ that Simpsons reference."

Visit the website here


On Saturday, the Replay has a record release party for Approach's interestingly-titled new album Make Out With Violence.  Check it out via Bandcamp here.  There's a song called "Shannyn Sossaman" on there which we want to hear (but we haven't shelled out our $7 bucks to download it yet).  The cover is...creepy.  

Make-Out With Violence cover art

Down the street at the Bottleneck, Hammerlord will rock your heads clean off (seriously, you may leave the show decapitated).

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