Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Scenester Show of the Week: Haim / LJ-World Talkbackers Talk Back About Late Night in the Phog

Like them or not, you can't deny that Haim is a buzzy band right now.  Just look at them gracing the cover of this month's SPIN:

So kudos to KJHK and SUA for bringing them to town on Thursday for a big Granada show with discounted student prices ($7).


From what we've heard (one song) they don't do much for us, but we hear that the opening band uses a "Japanese koto harp," so that sounds pretty cool.

Visit the FB event page here to learn that at least 282 people will be on hand.


By most accounts, getting into Late Night in the Phog last Friday was a bigger clusterfuck than ever, with clusters of late-arriving students charging the doors and pushing past people who had waited in line all day. KU Athletics, predictably, issued statements blaming the fans for their bad behavior, but should there have been better (or at least some!) policing of the crowds?  Let's see what the astute LJ-World talkbackers have to say:

Pitthawk34 says: "It was worse than a Black Friday at Orschelns in Manhattan." (Our research reveals that this appears to be a reference to a farm supplies store in Manhattan, Kansas).

Ralster says:  "The body crush was worse than an 80s rock concert, and a fallen-down cattle-guard was right there in front of the door, its a miracle nobody tripped and got trampled."

rcjh88 says:  "I love late night, and I was very sad that it went the way it did Friday night."

jgkojak says:  " There was no security and no effort made on the part of KU Athletics - given they certainly had a role in hyping this event (rightfully) -- why did they not expect to need additional security outside the building? There was NO ONE. Had they simply had 3-4 people standing in front of the doors OUTSIDE, etc. from 5 - 530 this could have been prevented. A few rope lines keeping people in line? Simple stuff, but they seemed to be asleep at the switch this year."

Read all the talkback comments here.

Chip:  "Whiny babies. No one died, after all.  But even if a few HAD been lost, isn't it ultimately worth it for a first glimpse of Andrew Wiggins and yet another hilarious MC Hammer sketch?"

 Here's comedian Rob Riggle on a throne at Late Night:

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