Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Scenester Pick: Conor Oberst in LFK / Spooky Picks of the Week: Max Brooks Talks Zombies; Witch Jail Makes Its LFK Debut; Shatner and Spiders

So Conor Oberst has decided to reassemble his loud political band again and hit the road, with a stop in LFK tonight.  Will he draw a crowd?  Liberty was giving away a big stack of comp tickets last week during the Neko show. Does that mean Conor's show is selling poorly?  We don't know.  Anyway, head down there and thrash around like it's 2002, why don't you?


People just won't quit caring about zombies, apparently.  World War Z author Max Brooks speaks at KU on Wednesday with tips on how to survive an attack.  

Visit the Facebook event page here.


Later on Wednesday, LFK's Witch Jail makes its long-awaited debut.  You certainly know Count Blastov as a flamboyant frontman, but we hear that he (and both of the other two band members) all learned to play instruments especially for this new project.  It's going to be like watching newborns take their first steps (only much much drunker and louder).   Show up and find out how well they learned. 

If you miss them this week, note the other shows coming up that are listed on the second flyer, one of them with a band that is gloriously called Satan's Gay Acid Bath.


KU Natural History Museum's Myths and Mayhem film series returns with a Shatner-iffic Halloween treat on Thursday: a screening of Kingdom of the Spiders.  We love the Shatner pic on the flyer below.  It's at 7:30 on Thursday.  More info here.

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