Thursday, October 3, 2013

Weekend Picks: Five Replay Shows and a Wookiee-Yelling Contest

Other bars are probably having shows this weekend as well, but we're focusing on five worthy shows at the Replay.  Are you enough of a scenester to see all five and win our "scenester of the week" award?  (The award consists of one PBR).

Kick the weekend off tonight with OILS, Psychic Heat, and the oddly named SW/MM/NG.  The latter is a dreamy pop band from Arkansas.  We like them (especially the "Some Dreams Come True" song).  Listen up via Bandcamp.

That strange cat Mark Mallman makes one of his frequent Replay appearances on Friday.  Opening up is the ever-poppy Hidden Pictures. And here's a pic of Hidden Pictures' Richard Gintowt striking some sort of rockabilly pose while holding a giant boner.  Like many of our favorite local rockers, Richard is leaving LFK soon (for San Francisco) so catch HP while you can!

On Saturday, you can you hear some more cool tunes, AND you'll also be swept up in Katlyn Conroy's bad-ass birthday party.  We hear Katlyn and friends are kicking things off with a fun covers set before Ebony Tusks and Netherfriends hit the stage.  There are "party bags" available for the first 25 people in the door and we're praying these bags contain weed and PBR.

Sober up before 6:00 pm on Sunday because this weekend's matinee is a solid triple-bill of rootsy/Americana sounds featuring Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy, Cowgirl's Trainset, and very special guests (all the way from California) The Peculiar Pretzelmen! Reread our 2012 interview with the Pretzelmen here.  This is an excerpt in which we asked them to describe their sound:

"Well, after a recent unfortunate tussle with a venue that shall remain nameless, I kid, it's the HOTEL MONTE VISTA IN FLAGSTAFF ARIZONA, we have adopted a new favorite description"TOO NOISY, TOO WEIRD, TWO MAN VOODOO MAYHEM BAND."

 Visit them on Facebook here.  We hope the stage set-up for their "Gentlemen Scoundrels" tour looks exactly like this:

And make sure to stick around for the late show on Sunday, because The TonTons are back in town and opening up, in a last minute addition to the bill, is none other than...Berwanger.  Yep.   You can hear the buzzy new tracks from Strange Stains live and in person long before the official Replay release party in November.


If you're geeky like us, TonTons probably reminds you of Tauntauns, and Tauntauns reminds us that Lawrence Public Library and LawrenceCreates Makerspace are having a "Wookiee yelling contest" as part of Star Wars Reads Day on Saturday.  What IS Star Wars Reads Day? We have no idea, even after reading this description.  But we've been waiting our whole lives for an LFK Wookiee-yelling contest, so we'll see you there.  It starts at 2:00 pm and it's likely to be A LOT more fun to watch than the KU Homecoming game.

Star Wars Reads Day

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