Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekend Recap: Mother Earth News Fair / Monday and Tuesday Scenester Picks: Weird Al and Neko Case

We took a break from rock and roll this weekend to mingle with progressive, eco-friendly types from all over the country at the Mother Earth News Fair, a hugely popular event being held in the Midwest for the first time (even though Mother Earth News is published out of Top City, Kansas).

Truly, there was something for everyone.  There was even a boutique for "earthy babies."

Many enlightening workshops were held throughout the two-day festival and most had intriguing titles such as "Packgoats: The Thrill of it All."  (However, Chip was not thrilled when a surly packgoat almost bit him on the ass).

Of course, it's not a festival of any sort unless people are wearing clever T-shirts!

And Ed Begley Jr. was on hand all weekend mingling with fans.  He preferred talking about the environment rather than his film and television work, but (sorry, Ed!) we'd been waiting 25 years to ask about the mind-boggling and infuriating St. Elsewhere finale.


It's been a big few days down at Liberty Hall.  Fiona Apple was there on Saturday (did she have a meltdown of any sort?).  Weird Al hits town tonight (does he have a song about twerking yet?).  And the lovely Neko Case hits town tomorrow (it's officially sold out as of late last week).

We don't know about you, but our Neko-crush has been unwavering for many years now and shows no signs of dimming.

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