Monday, October 7, 2013

Nerd Nite 21 Preview: Nerds We Know / Three Tuesday Options: Vampire Weekend; Franz Ferdinand; Young Galaxy

We're extra excited about this month's edition of Nerd Nite because we happen to know all three nerds who are presenting:  local Faulknerian and bearded PBR Book Club member Jon Kaleugher; Wonder Fair weirdness purveyor Meredith Moore; and master of GIFs Rob Schulte.  They'll be enlightening us all on Eames chairs, William Morris, and Sam Shepard plays, respectively.  

Meredith gets the award for best title of the night:

“William Morris: the unwitting forefather of hobbits, socialists and modern hipsters, not excluding Meredith"

Chip:  "Well, I knew she was a modern hipster, and I suspected she was a socialist, but the hobbit thing is news to me!"

Visit the FB event page here.  

And here's a promotional poster with Sam Shepard looking especially like a heartthrob. 

(Interesting fact:  many holiday moviegoers will be spending this Christmas with Mr. Shepard, as he portrays the doomed patriarch in the much-anticipated film version of August: Osage County, scripted by Shepard-disciple Tracy Letts).



Tuesday brings two big shows (and a small show) to the region. 

Vampire Weekend play a rescheduled date at the Midland.  Are they still important?  Apparently so, since Pitchfork bestows an unusually high 9.3 on this year's Modern Vampires of the City, deeming it "a record that is already forcing one-time haters of this band to rethink their entire lives."  Full P-fork review here

We're too scared to listen to the album because we want to be able to continue to hate them.


Here in LFK, Franz Ferdinand stop by the Granada.  Are they still important?  Pitchfork doles out a mere 5.3 for this year's Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Actions: "There is something pleasant and quaint about hearing Franz Ferdinand reestablish themselves as a workmanlike, crowd-pleasing dance-rock band by going heavy on the midtempo disco thump."  Full review here.

Come on Pitchfork.  5.3 seems pretty low.  What's so wrong with a quaint evening of midtempo disco thump?


And if both of those bands are too well-established for your elitist scenester needs (and you prefer to spend your money on PBR instead of concert tickets), how about Montreal's Young Galaxy at the Replay?  Pitchfork says of this year's Ultramarine"for about 12 minutes, Ultramarine is astounding in its execution. Both “Fall For You” and “New Summer” offer different moods than “Pretty Boy”-- the former is Bo Diddley-beat reframed as irrepressibly sunny Swedish reggae..."  Read the full 7.8 review here.

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