Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Deeper Into Movies, Starring Tom Hanks: Pirate Fighter; Featuring DC Snipers; Weird Al Yankovic; Guerrilla Filmmaking; and Zombie Babies

It's so weird when things live up to their hype.  But Gravity managed to do just that. So...there's now a newly-minted masterpiece playing just down the street from your house.  You can pay your 3D money and witness it for yourselves.  Please do.

Chip: "It must be so cool to just float around space in your underwear."


The big multiplex (Oscar-bait) movie this weekend is Paul Greengrass's Captain Phillips (or, as we call it, Tom Hanks: Pirate Fighter).  It's going to be damn jarring to go from Cuaron's graceful 13 minute tracking shots in Gravity to Greengrass's herky-jerky handheld quick cuts, but we'll give it a shot.  By most accounts, it's one of Hanks' best performances yet.   Even better than his work in Joe vs. the Volcano?

Mr. Weird Al Yankovic hits LFK next Monday, and Liberty Hall heralds his arrival with a 7:00 Sunday screening of UHF that also includes  "all sorts of surprises, a great pre-show, contests, and prizes (including tickets to the show)!"  We assume these surprises will involve Mick Cottin in a Weird Al wig at some point.  More details via Liberty Hall here.


If nature films are your thing, Liberty also has the Wild and Scenic Film Festival on Friday.  It's a benefit for Friends of the Kaw, who seem to be having all sorts of benefits lately (we recently attended one that involved eating a bunch of catfish from Terrebone).  Details on the films here.

On the KC indie circuit, Blue Caprice hits town (at Glenwood Arts and possibly elsewhere).  It's a film about the DC snipers.  Supposedly it's been OnDemand for awhile but we've been unable to find it via LFK's ever-disappointing WOW! cable (no big surprise...they still haven't bothered to add the FXX channel after it's been around a few months).

The Tivoli opens Escape From Tomorrow, which sounds like a fascinating piece of guerrilla filmmaking shot on the fly at Disney World.

Indiewire calls it:  "A daring attempt to literally assail Disney World from the inside out. Conveys a phantasmagorical nightmare on par with something Terry Gilliam might have dreamt up in his ‘Brazil’ days.”

Visit the film's website here.

Escape from Tomorrow Movie Poster

And over at the Alamo Drafthouse KC you've got plenty of retro horror options as we head toward Halloween (almost all of them certainly better than whatever Halloween cash-grabs the multiplex will dish out over the next few weeks).

This weekend alone you could see Hellraiser and Nightmare on Elm Street.  But the most fun on the big screen with a room full of rowdy gorehounds would surely be Peter Jackson's Dead Alive.  We occasionally get nostalgic for the days when Jackson made nasty little flicks like this and Meet the Feebles, long before the apparently never-ending Lord of the Rings series which now have subtitles like The Desolation of Smaug, for fuck's sake!

Dead Alive screens at 7:00 on Sunday.  Find more info via the Alamo site here, including this description:

Zombie babies will rip out of heads, guts will slop over every square inch of the screen, giant animatronic mothers will bleed at five gallons per second and a kung fu fighting priest WILL kick ass for the lord.


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