Friday, November 1, 2013

Weekend Picks: Carnival of Souls (On Location!) ; Berwanger ; Game Show Cabaret; Deer Tick ;and More

Halloween ain't over in LFK until somebody screens Carnival of Souls, the legendary fright flick filmed in Lawrence.  Catch it tonight at Oldfather Studios, where parts of it were filmed. $10 seems a bit much, but proceeds are going to the KU Dept. of Film and Media Studies, so we shouldn't bitch about it.


The big Berwanger show at the Replay is tonight with The Dead Girls kicking things off.   Reread our interview here .

The scoundrels at Card Table Productions are doing stuff over at Frank's on Saturday.  It involves game shows and air guitar and you might win $50 worth o' beer.

Deer Tick is at the Bottleneck on Saturday, and a Deer Tick show is always a strange drunken clusterfuck (and sometimes the shows are actually good).  Remember that time when McCauley was wearing a dress around the Jackpot at a show with Those Darlins' and claiming to be one of the Darlins' aunts or something?  That was pretty cool  You should probably attend.

Here is an interesting little piece on the band from a fun site we just discovered called Hippies and Hipsters.  The blog's mantra: "You don't have to pick a side."  (Most members of both camps would heartily disagree).

Looks like Be/Non is back in the 'hood on Sunday at the Replay with a Portland band called Wooden Indian Burial Ground.  Check out WIBG via Bandcamp.

And  we're even including something for the sports fans today.  Former KU basketball coach Ted Owens speaks on campus on Sunday.  If you see Wiggins in the crowd at this event, tell him we said "Hey."


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