Friday, November 16, 2012

Weekend Scenester Picks: Loaded for Bear at LAC; Stiff Middle Fingers, Theo's Mystic Robot Orchestra, and Merlin at Love Garden; Heavy Figs at Frank's

As you know, if you've tuned into our blog this week, Loaded For Bear 3: Rocket To Awesome, launches at the Arts Center at 9:00 tonight.  Bring on the dick jokes!

But you can kick the evening off early at Love Garden as Stiff Middle Fingers headline a triple-bill.  They've got a new(ish) EP:  the cleverly titled Enemies With Benefits.  Check it out via Bandcamp and visit the show's FB event page here .

Also on the bill:  that prolific little scamp Drew Smith and his project Theo's Mystic Robot Performance as well as the first-ever live performance by local wizards Merlin.  We interviewed Merlin way back when:  read it here .  Hopefully they'll be dressed in full wizard garb tonight and they'll be handing out free tapes, free shirts, free candy corn (wizards fucking love candy corn!), and other goodies.  Here's a little sample of that interview:

Richard:  What’s the best song Merlin has written so far and why?
Jordan:  The last song on the album, "Goblin at the Gates of Mercury". It's the best, most epic piece we've ever done. It's a four part, fourteen minute epic about a goblin cast out into space, landing on Mercury, going mad, and discovering a portal to vast knowledge. Total craziness. I even included an excerpt from the original broadcast of "War of the Worlds". 

(DOUBLE) RELEASE BLOWOUT with Stiff Middle Fingers / Merlin / Theo's Mystic Robot Orchestra

Enemies With Benefits EP cover art


And certainly the show with the most kick-ass flyer is at Frank's North Star.  Check it out:

We're sold. Except that says that it costs $10.  But we're pretty sure it's a free show, so don't be deterred by that terrifyingly incorrect price.   The last time we saw Mad Kings they were howling the blues while a bevy of scantily-clad ladies danced around them (at a fashion show at the Jackpot). So we're hoping for something comparable tonight.

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