Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wednesday Scenester Picks: Old Country Death, Pink Royal, Modern Rock Diaries, and Til Willis / Final Friday Preview, Vol. 2: Animation + Hot Syncopation at Wonder Fair

If you're looking for a stompin' good time on a Wednesday, Old Country Death is playing at the Replay tonight (opening up for Fast Food Junkies).  They always have kick-ass flyers.

Fast Food Junkies & Old Country Death

At the Jackpot, you'll find a new LFK band called Pink Royal, whose FB page says:  "The music captures multiple genres and gives off a universal, "sexy" vibe."  The band contains Mustard, from Dumptruck Butterlips.


The Jackpot calendar, however, lists tonight's act as "Pink Royale," which (according to our research) is a Taylor-Swift influenced girlie band who make their own Youtube series about their wacky adventures: 

"In this episode the girls are asked to deliver their demo CD to the theatre where another girl band, Pixie Pandema is playing. On their  adventure the girls stop to get food for Eryn and lose track of the CD  when they promised Ethan they would not lose it. When they finally find it, it ends up getting demolished!!"   

 And at the Bottleneck you can find OK indie-rockers Modern Rock Diaries.  Somehow we doubt they'll be dressed as they apear in this pic (via this site), but we sure hope they are!


 Opening up is our friends Til Willis and Erratic CowboyReread our recent Til Willis interview over here, in which Til describes the band's sound as "Neil Young and Crazy Horse meets The Clash meets Sleepy LaBeef at a concert by Jandek's sister's band, Dicdek."


The Prohibition-era is so hip right now, and our friends at Wonder Fair are doing something weird to celebrate the era.  Their Final Friday offering is "a special Prohibition-era night of Animation + Hot Syncopation, featuring three hauntingly beautiful stop-motion animated short films by Brian Hawkins and Nick Ward, presented with live musical accompaniment by Brian Hawkins."  The films run at 7 and repeat at 8:00, and the speakeasy is open all night for your boozing needs.   Head over to the Wonder Fair site for description of the films, one of which features "a stilted but oddly graceful creature cross[ing] a winter landscape, given life by the simple alchemy of scotch tape, straight pins, and styrofoam."

Sold!  This will be far preferable than watching KU's terrible offense try in vain to penetrate the Beavers (if you catch our innuendo). 

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