Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sat-Mon Scenester Picks: Experimental Hijinks at Percolator; Sharks at Liberty Hall; Swearin' at Replay

Another "Pass the Hat" evening at the Percolator tonight serves up experimental musicians from Switzerland, Germany, and New Orleans, a mysterious new "local ensemble" named Horse Head (we assume the members will be wearing horse head masks?),  and a screening of the New Orleans art/music documentary Liquid Land.  Potluck at 6:00 and music/film at 7:00. Visit the FB event page here  to learn things such as this, about Swiss drummer Simon Berz:

"For installation purposes, he lets water drop from infusion bags in various speeds, creating a complex and meditative sound piece."

 You will like this more than KU football, so go and show your support to this continuing series of events.



Film Church quietly glided up on us this time around like a...great white shark! Yep, it's Jaws on the big screen tomorrow morning, complete with seafood chowder from the folks at 715.  Sadly, it's not that sweet new 35 mm print that's been surfacing in various places, but it'll look good anyway.  Plus, it's fucking Jaws!  It's one of the best things ever.  Check it out.  Will Mick Cottin don his Halloween costume (Quint getting eaten by Jaws) once more for this occasion?



And Monday night you're going to need to stay up late for Swearin' at the Replay.  This is a VERY buzzy show, scenesters, so get in on the ground floor and read up on them. 

There's a very good recent NY-Mag piece about Swearin's Allison Crutchfield (along with her twin sister Katie and her project Waxahatchee).  Read it here .

And Pitchfork gives a solid 7.8 to Swearin's self-titled 2012 debut:

"Swearin' channels the feeling of being in your early-to-mid 20s in the most intuitive way: scrappy, snarky rock, unshakeable hooks, and genuine lyrics."  (full review here ).

Chip:  "So basically it's like Lena Dunham's Girls transformed into an indie band."


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