Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Folk-Punk Picks: Destroy Nate Allen at Wonder Fair and Ghostwriter at Jackpot

Halloween is over and sheer panic over Tuesday's election is still a few days away, so what should you do in the interim?   Answer:  head to Wonder Fair tonight and check out Destroy Nate Allen.  But who IS Nate Allen and why must he be destroyed?  Presumably tonight's show will answer this question.

The husband/wife Portland folk/punk duo's shows are said to include "circle pits, power slides, and theater games."  Also, they have a song called "Boobie Bar," which has been near the top of Chip's playlist since back in the summer when they booked a Percolator show but ended up not playing it.  Listen here via Bandcamp.  Other song titles we like:  "We Talk Occasionally on the Internet" and "El Diablo Tacos are the Best."

Tonight's show is sponsored by  MTYMNHKA (Music That You May Not Have Known About), the blog by LFK's young master of all things hip, Drew.   Also on the bill:  Fight Before Surrender and Sneaky Creeps.  Check out the FB event page  here .  t starts early to accommodate the two or three scenesters in attendance who actually have jobs.


With Our Powers Combined cover art

You should certainly head down to the Jackpot afterwards for Ghostwriter, a "folk-punk troubadour" (also from Portland!) whose FB page offers this tantalizing description from the Portland Mercury:  ".a one-man junk-folk-blues act with knitting-needle guitar, footstomp percussion, and a holler that sounds like a less lysergic Captain Beefheart."  (Chip:  Excuse me while I look up 'lysergic.' ").  Visit Ghostwriter's website here .  Also on the bill:  Mosquito Bandido and Sex Tapes  (strangely NOT on the bill:  Tyler Gregory or Monzie Leo).

"Prayin' All the Time" by Ghostwriter

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