Friday, November 2, 2012

Important LFK Stories of the Week: Couple Finds Love in the Boom Boom Room at the Hawk ; Digging for Bodies at 9th and New Hampshire

Readers, our usual round-up of local music picks has been pre-empted this weekend due to a very important LFK story about the couple fucking in the Boom Boom Room at the Hawk on Halloween.

Most of you have certainly seen the pictures by now (spreading like an STD all over the Twitter-sphere and college websites) and possibly you've heard the fellow interviewed on the Buzz this morning.  In a rare display of tact, we won't be posting the photos here, but they're easily accessible via a quick Google search if you're late to the story (Chip: "I've already made the photo the wallpaper on my phone.").

But what's the feminist position on this topic?  Let's find out.

A chorus of LFK feminists:  "A quick scroll through the innumerable tweets on this topic reveals the expected sexual double-standard immediately at work. The 'Boom Boom Bro' is being applauded by his brethren--and, even more shamefully, turned into a media celebrity by Afentra and the Big Fat Morning Buzz crew--while men and women alike are hurling 'tramp' and 'ho' labels at the woman who, understandably, has been 'slut-shamed' into silence due to her sexuality.  At this point, she might as well 'own' her act. After all, we've fought long and hard to be able to fuck in public without being labeled a 'slut.'"

Chip:  "I'm still struggling to understand why this is such a major story.  I mean, I got a nice blowjob at the Jackpot once and nobody invited ME on the radio to chat with Afentra."

What lies beyond those doors???

 The Hawk (The other KU watering hole


As intrigued as we are by the Boom Boom Room couple, our favorite local story right now remains the impending archeological excavation of the future site of Compton's (inevitable) hotel at 9th and NH.

Having failed to halt the development progress through numerous other channels, progressive LFK opponents have now decided--based on a reference in a 1903 Master's thesis--that the spot  may well be a burial site for black Union soldiers who died in Quantrill's Raid.

There's a good chance the dig will begin on Monday, and we'll certainly be on hand, drinking a PBR at the Percolator and hoping against hope that skeletons will emerge and frighten Doug Compton away from his business venture.

More info here via LJ-World. What do the talkbackers think?

Liberal says:  "if there are individuals buried there then move them and start digging the foundation...No problem.  No wait a minute where the rotting corpse is laying is sacred, let's flood it with water and never build on it, because the needs of the living are nothing, compared to the needs of the maybe there might be dead people."

And Jack McKee says:  "When they find nothing send the bill to KT Walsh."

What lies beneath this ground???  (photo via an August LJ-World piece with a headline that reads "9th, NH Project Won't Be Opposed'):

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