Monday, November 12, 2012

A Very Special Message From LFK's Loaded For Bear, Vol. I

Readers, we're pleased to partner up with the Loaded For Bear comedy gang this week and give them some space to pimp their wares, namely an all-new comedy extravaganza called Loaded for Bear: Rocket to Awesome, which you can witness this Friday and Saturday (Nov. 16 and 17) at the Lawrence Arts Center.   Loaded for Bear features much of the talent you're already (drunkenly) familiar with from Victor Continental shows, including Jerry Mitchell himself (no, he won't be playing Victor this time, so don't  be an asshat and yell Victor-stuff at him!). 

We'll be running some pieces from the Loaded for Bear gang throughout the week, starting with this "Top 5" list from co-producer Matt Gaus.  Enjoy!  And "like" them on FB here where you can see a few promos from the show.


You may not remember, but there was this comedian named David Letterman.  A long time ago he had his own show on the TV. Although it’s been a decade since he was declared missing and presumed dead, his lasting contribution to society is something called a “Top Ten List,” which is where you take three funny jokes and seven other things and put numbers next to them. Most observers agree that this hallowed benchmark for lazy comedy writing will never be surpassed.

Until now.

Introducing the “Top Five List”™.  First up: Top Five Reasons Why You Should See Loaded for Bear 3: Rocket to Awesome, the new comedy show at the Lawrence Arts Center, November 16th and 17th at 9 p.m.

1. For the ladies: Will Averill, Jerry Mitchell, Andy Morton, Chris Nelson and myself = more than half a ton of USDA approved grade-A prime beef.  Last week’s Chippendale’s review at Conroy’s Pub (which actually happened) can’t touch this.

2. And speaking of the ladies: Jacqueline Grunau, Imagene Harris, Hilary Morton and Kitty Steffens are the funniest women you will ever see in this town, except for Cathy Hamilton singing “What a Girl Wants” during karaoke at Frank’s North Star Tavern (allegedly).  But they’re doing it on purpose!

3. Seriously, it’s an entertainment value.  For less than the price of a movie, you get to see two-hours of all new filmed and sketch comedy. I mean, you can go anywhere and find an improv troupe who will ask the audience for a body part and their favorite odor and bore the shit out of you for ten minutes at a stretch, but his show is an *event*. You will not see anything like it, ever. That is a threat.

4. You never know what’s going to happen.  During last year’s show, celebrated prop comedian Gallagher had a mishap involving the Sledge-o-matic™ and a kalamata olive that resulted in guest of honor Kate, Princess of Wales losing eighty percent of the vision in her right eye.  His knighthood was subsequently revoked.  This is why you never see him referred to as “Sir Gallagher.”
5.  Jay-Z will perform.  Both nights.  If Jay-Z fails to appear, you may not have your money back.  But you may sue us.  That’s the Loaded for Bear Guarantee™.


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