Thursday, November 1, 2012

Special Edition of Weekend Picks: Worthy Causes, Touching Celebrations, and Noble Goals! / LFK Halloween Phto of the Week: Dude With a Possum

Readers, we're taking a break from our usual music picks to showcase a few events that might fly under your scenester-radar.  Enjoy!

1)  A few weeks ago we were mingling at Frank's North Star and found ourselves conversing with a nice young man dressed as Sarah Palin (note: this isn't a particularly odd thing to happen at Frank's).  Anyway, this fellow was a prime mover and shaker behind tonight's 2nd Annual LGBT Summit at Macelli's.  He asked for a shout-out on our blog (which he way well come to regret), and we are happy to oblige.  You can check out the Summit's FB event page here to discover that 238 of your most progressive LFK friends will be on hand to hear speeches from state and community leaders (Bob Schumm! Reverend Longbottom!) and engage in two different "candidate mixers" with all your favorite progressive politicos (Marci Francisco!).  And since tonight's campus lecture by Lily Ledbetter has been cancelled due to hurricane-related travel issues (Goddam you, Sandy!), this appears to be THE political event of the evening.

Chip:  "Dude, will 2nd US-KS House District candidate Tobias Schlingensiepen be on hand?  His name cracks my shit UP!"

He's currently listed as a "possible" attendee, Chip, but we can hope.  

Chip:  "Also, how should I dress for this event?  A suit?  Or a skirt, to show my support for transgender issues?  As a well-known straight man, I sometimes feel a little confused at these type of events."

Just do as you feel, Chip.  This is a very tolerant bunch.

Also, the LC would like to use this space as our official endorsement for Tobias Schlingensiepen.  It's pronounced  schling•in•zee•pen, and it's fun to sound it out while shouting really loudly!


(flyer snagged from this blog)


2)  On Friday, our friends at the Lawrence Percolator are hosting their annual Day of the Dead celebration, complete with potluck dinner and a procession/invocation.  Stop by and check them out.  We love this charming flyer of a skeleton holding a hamburger (and what we'll pretend is a PBR), though we are skeptical that anyone will actually bring hamburgers to this kind of potluck. PBR is far more likely.


3)   And today kicks off National Novel Writing Month!  Our buddies at the LPL have an event tonight (naturally) and will host write-ins every Wednesday and Saturday.  More details here .

Obviously, we're participating.  For our novel, we're working on a "mock-epic" bildungsroman that traces a young man's sexual awakening from his middle-school boners to his high-school fumblings in small-town Kansas haylofts to his liberated college years (including a certain misbegotten three-way involving a sorority member and a frat "bro.").  Is it loosely based on Chip?  We aren't telling.

NaNoWriMo Kick-Off


We skipped the usual Replay Halloween hijinks and spent our Halloween inside Liberty Hall for the Shaun of the Dead/Hot Fuzz double-header, which featured a spectacularly awkward and drunken costume contest between films (did someone record that business, which was hosted by Billy Gay Cyrus portraying Quint being eaten by Jaws??).

Thanks to our friend Fally, however, we can get a sense of what it was like down at the other end of Mass even though we were safely ensconced in a theater.  Here's a dude who brought a live possum out for the fun (link to pic here ):

We can only assume it got loose inside the Replay at some point, infecting scenesters with a form of leprosy that will eventual turn them into ravenous, rotting zombies.

Fally's tweet-typo originally identified the critter as a "love possum" rather than a "live possum," which is perhaps even scarier depending on how you interpret it (and would also make a terrific band name.  Sam Billen suggests Larryville Love Possum).

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dbkundalini said...

We remember it by this little crutch, "If your schlingen is seepin', that's something you don't forget."