Thursday, December 12, 2013

Weekend Picks: Drunken Christmas Fun and Stop Day Shenanigans

As we all know, getting drunk makes Christmas shopping more tolerable, and LFK's annual Sip & Shop makes it all very easy on you:  notice that the "sip" is placed first.  So head to Pachamama's ballroom on Friday, have a cocktail, and buy some gifts from local artists.  Visit the FB event page here for more info on the artists involved.

If you don't get enough partying tonight on Stop Day Eve with the free Cowboy Indian Bear show at the Granada, stop by the Jackpot on Friday for a big Stop Day party with Haunt Ananta and many more.  The poster makes us giggle.  FB event page here.

On Saturday the drunken Santas come out to play for the fourth annual LFK SantaCon pub crawl.  They begin at 3:00 at the Sandbar and end up way the hell over at...the Bottleneck at 6:00.  Check out the FB event page here for the full itinerary and gaze upon these Santas drinking some Old Overholt:

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Poor Richard said...

I always enjoy reading the blog sometime the following week just to see what I didn't miss.