Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Very Special Christmas Message From The Noise FM / Wednesday and Thursday Scenester Picks: Hidden Pictures and Muscle Worship

Readers, if you're like us, you checked the Bottleneck and/or Replay listings this week looking in vain for the annual "Noise for Toys" benefit show from The Noise FM. Sadly, you didn't find it.  But don't panic: the show goes on this year in Kansas City at the Riot Room on Saturday.  Visit the FB event page here.

 Alex of The Noise FM sent along our annual "Very Special Christmas Message" to explain the details.  

"To the kids of Douglas County: Christmas has been cancelled. Deal with it.

This is the first time in six years we will NOT be hosting our annual Noise For Toys Benefit Concert in Lawrence. Honestly, we had every intention of keeping the tradition alive, but Austin discovered “Dexter” on Netflix and Alex got a late start playing “The Last of Us,” and oops, next thing you know we realize we forgot to book a venue to host Noise For Toys. This is why we need a manager. And for someone to teach us how to use a goddamn calendar.
The point is, you punk kids think YOU’RE sad you won’t be getting Christmas gifts this year? Imagine how WE must feel – we normally get paid for this show with unlimited pitchers of PBR and well whiskey, and we’ve been known to keep some of the “damaged” or “inappropriate” toys for ourselves. No doubt Noise For Toys is the highlight of our year.
But fear not, kids -- we’ve found a new home for Noise For Toys at The Riot Room in Kansas City. So if you feel like helping out your less-fortunate peers over in Missouri (and aren’t they all less-fortunate over in Missouri? Hey-o!), we’d love to see you on Saturday, December 21.
(A note to you kids: unless you’re a 7 year old with an incredible fake ID, don’t bother showing up as it’s an ages 21+ show. Sorry, kiddos.)
Joining us are Kansas City bands We Are Voices and Rooms Without Windows. The show starts at 9pm. It’s $8 at the door or only $4 with the donation of an unopened toy.
You can expect lots of gaudy Christmas decorations, botched Christmas songs from all of the bands, and most likely one of our friends from Cowboy Indian Bear or Quiet Corral dressed as Santa Claus and drunk on peppermint schnapps. Wear an ugly sweater because we’ll probably have an ugly sweater contest at some point in the night if we remember to do it."

 *Here is a photo of our buddy Mike who hosts the Chicago Noise For Toys every year. We walked in on him in the bathroom taking a selfie. 

[photo credit:  Jim Vondruska / DoomsDayRobot]


Watch a funny one-minute promo for the event via Youtube here which includes a lot of sexy dancing.


In the meantime, what's happening in LFK tonight and tomorrow?

Our pals Hidden Pictures are living it up out west these days (why must all of our favorite bands head west?) but they're back in town for the holidays and playing at Replay tonight.  Supposedly they open the night's festivities, with Mr. James Dean Rose and others playing after.   The FB event page includes this festive photo:

And it's not Christmas in LFK till shit gets LOUD, so catch Muscle Worship at the Replay on Thursday along with American Cream (great name!) and This Is My Condition.  We expect they'll all be playing some holiday favorites, cranked up to 11.  And you surely haven't lived till you've heard Craig Comstock's version of "Silent Night."  (spoiler alert: it ain't very fucking silent).   

Muscle Worship  is just back from tour, and you may have heard that they've joined up with The Temp Agency.  You can find all kinds of sweet press on the band via The Temp Agency's site, including one that proclaims them (as we often have) "the city's loudest band."

Also, how in HELL did we not realize that Müscle Wörship uses not one but two umlauts.  As fans of unusually punctuated bands, we can dig it!

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