Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday Scenester Picks: Wilder Maker at Jackpot and Fourth of July with Y(our) Fri(end) at Replay

After a little Thanksgiving vacation to the terrifying dry counties of Arkansas, we are back in Larryville, drinking PBR and scoping out the cultural scene.

[Update:  the following Jackpot show may be happening Sunday instead of tonight, depending on whether you believe the Jackpot's calendar, Facebook, the band's pages, etc.  But you weren't planning to attend anyway, were you?].

Luckily, our eye landed on an under-the-radar early show (if we believe the calendar listing) at the Jackpot tonight:  Boston's Wilder Maker.  Head to their Bandcamp, click on the first song ("Of Cowboys and Other Beautiful Men"), and marvel at the songwriting (and kick-ass horn):  "Rich men make rich eyes over rich chocolate cake and rich women / Rich boys tear off their clothes and do lots of blow." 

My Old Kentucky Blog offers this rave:

 "As a songwriter, he is already accomplished well beyond his years, his best material calling to mind names as seemingly disparate as Jim Croce, Bon Iver, Bill Callahan and Van Morrison. But it’s as an arranger where Birnbaum truly distinguishes himself, seamlessly blending styles and incorporating his own free jazz lineage in a manner that swings from impossible beauty to unspeakable violence without warning." 

Here's Wilder Maker in beautiful black and white:

Wilder Maker

Opening up is LFK's Oils.  Check out their website here for all the links you need. 


And over at the Replay, Fourth of July will surface for a post-Thanksgiving celebration.  We hear they'll be dressed as pilgrims.  Reread our Fourth of July interview here, in which Brendan talks about seeing White Flight's wiener.  Also on the bill is KC's Monster as well as one of LFK's buzziest new artists (who also gets our vote for the most strangely punctuated local artist):   Y(our) Fri(end).   It took Chip 22 minutes to figure out how you're meant to read the name:  "Your Friend / Our End ."  We caught her opening up a last-minute Replay patio show awhile back and her voice is hypnotic in a live setting.  It even made the tough guys from Up the Academy shed a tear on that evening.   Check out a Y(our) Fri(end) performance via I Heart Local Music over here .

Y(our) Fri(end) photo via I Heart Local Music: 

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