Friday, November 30, 2012

Weekend Picks For the Whole LFK Family: Horses, Ugly Sweaters, and a Homegrass Hootenanny

Readers, our weekend picks tend to cater to the small scenester contingent who won't go out before midnight and won't go anywhere except Frank's or the Replay, but how will the rest of LFK spend the weekend?  The normal folks?  The boring folks?  The ones with families?

Let's consider some options.

Saturday morning brings the ever-popular Old-Fashioned Christmas Parade.   That's the one with the interminable amount of horses.  Pretty much nothing but horses.  But who doesn't like horses.

Chip:  "I like the ones with the big-ass feet.  The ones that drink a lot of Budweiser."

We're not sure Chip is remembering those commercials correctly, but we catch his meaning.


Once the streets are clear of horses, they'll be clogged with 2000 + runners bedecked in ugly sweaters for the first annual Ugly Sweater Run, a national event from the folks who recently brought the first annual Color Run to LFK.  This event will feature snow machines, sledding stations, and stops for hot chocolate.  And afterwards there's a post-race party in Watson Park with "best beard" contests and beers from Sam Adams.

At this point, you're presumably thinking, "This is so silly you've gotta be making it up."

No.  It's true.  Details are here .


 And it wouldn't be an LFK weekend without a benefit concert of some sort.  We'd recommend the "Homegrass Hootenanny," an event at the Granada on Sunday afternoon/evening/night to raise funds for Independence, Inc, a local non-profit that assists those with disabilities.  There's a solid lineup featuring the ever-funny Truckstop Honeymoon, the ever-present Tyler Gregory, the ever-more-popular Ashes to Immortality (reread our interview with Mike from Ashes over here ), and many many more.  So many, in fact, that it starts extra-early (doors at 4:00). 

The Homegrass Hootenanny will be Sunday December 2 at The Granada. Truckstop Honeymoon, Ashes to Immortality, and Tyler Gregory and more. Tickets are only $10 and are available at The Granada or on their website. Doors open at 4:00. by Brenda Brown

A chorus of LFK scenesters:  "Screw all this.  See you at the Dan Ryan cassette release party at the Replay around midnight!"

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