Sunday, October 26, 2008

Richard Says Farewell to the Gaslight (Again!) / Plus, Today's Cute Animal News!

On a crisp and clear fall evening, Richard wandered across the river bridge to take in a performance by Big Stack Daddy at the much-loved (by hippies) and soon-to-close Gaslight Tavern. Big Stack's monthly early-evening Gaslight gigs have grown quite popular recently among the older crowd (Big Stack is known for playing right up till the crack of...9:00 p.m). The crowd on this evening was a bit subdued, knowing that the place will soon be bulldozed to make way for the north-side river development project. Perhaps by next year, a new Applebee's might reside there (Chip: "I hope so. Finally, normal people would have a reason to travel north of the river.").

The Gaslight has scheduled a final "fuck you" to its admirers for next Saturday: a 20 buck show featuring Split Lip Rayfield. Local hippies are currently scratching their heads all over town in pure bewilderment, wondering why a place that prided itself on catering to their needs (cheap covers and cheap beer) would suddenly price them out with its final show and likely attract a bunch of young, rich, pseudo-hippies who have only recently discovered Split Lip and know nothing of the band's and the Tavern's storied histories. With any luck, however, the older crowd can sell enough weed this week to afford a ticket and party one last time on the north-side before the yuppies arrive to stroll along the new river-district drinking twelve-dollar cups of Starbucks coffee.


This evening at the Jazzhaus is the "Doggie Monster's Ball Pawty," in which people dress up their canine companions in Halloween costumes and parade them around in a costume contest.

Richard: "Dogs do not enjoy being dressed up in restricting costumes and those who do so should probably be arrested for animal cruelty. At the same time, however, it's pretty fucking funny to see a 'zombie dog' running around a bar!"

Chip: "Even the Replay does not allow dogs these days. But I'm personally in favor of dressing dogs up in costume. My faithful lab, Chauncey, and I go trick-or-treating each year in Forttt Scottt, throwing a couple sheets over ourselves and seeking out that sweet, sweet candy! But people often give us rocks instead."


Anonymous said...

OOOH -- they're putting a starbucks in!?

That'll really class up the Johnny's crowd before they try and stumble their asses home from the wrong side of the river!.

Lest you be careful about mocking the insane animal-dressing people and have Beth and Groovy Humer come whip your ass for infringing on their rights to insanely treat their animals like little people who also would not appreciate being put into obnoxiously-small costumes. (As an animal right's activist, I think we should be allowed to put Humer and Beth into tight dominatrix outfits, which they likely already own *shurgs* and make them parade around at the pet-smart until the little dogs and cats run around in circles to the point of exhaustion. Kip too, as we all know he thinks he can pick up young tail pretending to like Koi fish at the PetSmart!).

--The only time this sort of behavior was permissible was when Tracy dressed the boy up like some kinda squid for Halloween (That shit was hilarious -- and rumors abounded that Kip and Dr. C traded off that costume as a codpiece for years after!)

Anonymous said...

Smooth is going to be a Sailor this year.


Anonymous said...


She leaves us no choice. Get the Leather dominatrix suit... and not the pleather one. For the good of the kitty, Beth must be made to pay for her crimes against little, cute, fuzzy animals (No, not you Kip.) everywhere.

--Richard I trust you can take her to the PetSmart as driving in that get-up is not safe nor comfortable.

Anonymous said...

Haha...I'm pleased that our stories of cute animals could lead to such powerful discussions!

Smooth is going maritime as well, eh? I'll personally be dressed in full Gilligan maritime regalia at Cl.thier's Yacht Club gig!

Anonymous said...

$12 Starbucks? Sweet! Finally, they've lowered their prices.