Friday, October 3, 2008

Larryville Gets Hipper: The Boys Consider Java Break's Cereal Bar! / Plus, Richard and Dr. C Say Goodbye to the Gaslight!

While hipsters may be in-the-moment when it comes to musical trends, they nonetheless often find themselves looking backwards in other parts of their lives, such as the need to embrace the beers of their grandfathers ("I'll have a Hamm's on ice, please!"). In urban centers, cereal bars have become popular lately, and--not to be outdone--Larryville has opened its own, in the downtown coffee shop Java Break (24 hours a day). For $2.50 one can mix and match cereals and add a variety of toppings while watching "classic black and white cartoons" on TV (UDK). This should be a good way for hipsters to escape the pressures of their everyday lives (such as whether to go the TapRoom or the Replay).

Richard says: "The next time I stagger drunkenly out of the Replay at two in the morning, you can bet I'm having myself some fucking Captain Crunch and Froot Loops!"


Former Chronicler Dr. C. returned to Larryville last night for a final visit to the Gaslight before it closes in the coming months. He was pleased to find it pretty much as he'd left it...with a broken cappucino machine, non-working taps, and no Boulevard in the fridge. The boys were forced to drink a Wheat beer brewed in Manhattan, KS, which tasted like it had been nestled alongside some fresh-caught catfish and rolling around in some hillbilly's ice chest for a few days. As they left the bar for (possibly) the final time, Richard shed a single tear and thought to himself: "I'm sure gonna miss this shithole." And indeed it has brought us good times over the years, such as the time Dr. X saw a fat man play a banjo on the 4th of July, and the time Richard danced with a woman named Peter, and the time Chip and Richard saw a "cabaret" show inside the bar (which holds eight people, tops), and the times Dr. C and Richard marched drunkenly across the bridge to see the Hosty Duo play songs like "Fraidy Hole," knowing the northside held strange new pleasures that could simply not be found along Mass. Street. Here's to you, Gaslight! Now there's no reason to go to the Northside at all (except for the Dirty Bird).


Anonymous said...

Wow, no love for Johnny's?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I guess I've had a few decent times at Johnny's. But it's no Gaslight!