Tuesday, May 13, 2014

American Craft Beer Week Picks: The Roaming Pint at Free State; Biere de Guarde at 23rd Street Brewery; Get Ripped Brewfest in KC

It's American Craft Beer Week, so let's take a look at a few related LFK and KC events.

Free State offers up a collaborative brew again.  We weren't fans of the smoky beer last year that tasted like bologna, but this year's collaboration with The Roaming Pint seems more promising.  There's a firkin tapping at Free State tonight at 7:30 as they unveil a black ale called "The Roaming Pint."  A band (we can't figure out which?) is also slated to play outside the brewery. Also, it will probably be pretty fucking cold outside after dark (on May 13).

Some other Free State events are listed below as well. Sadly, we missed the "beer-smelling" seminar last night, but we can certainly sniff out a PBR easily enough on our own.



Try another collaborative beer from 23rd Street Brewery and the Lawrence Brewers Guild out at 23rd Street this week.  It's called the Biere de Garde.  We can't find a picture of it.

In other news, Chip is feeling left out these days with seemingly everyone but him brewing their own beer.  So you can expect to try some "Boner Beer" in the near future.


And Dempsey's offers special craft beer happy hours all week.  The choices aren't too exciting, but Lagunitas is today, and that's pretty good.



Perhaps the coolest Craft Beer Week event is not in LFK but over at KC's Big Rip Brewing 
as they host their first year anniversary party with a big bash on Saturday.  We hear there's something called a Bubba Banana Cream Ale and we want one!

Get Ripped Brew Fest

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