Thursday, May 8, 2014

Weekend Picks: SHOUT PEACE and Shout BUELLER and Eat Frog Leg Tacos While Listening to Psychic Heat!

It's Stop Day Eve in LFK, and there will be drunken shouting on Mass. Street. But over in NoLaw people will be SHOUTING PEACE (if you catch our reference) as ELFK's beloved KT Walsh gets a "Peace and Justice" award.  Find some details here via LJ-World.  A reggae band will be playing because, well, you can't very well give out "Peace and Justice" awards without a reggae band, can you, mon?

If you're not hip to KT, check out a 2007 profile from back in the good old days when commenters  were allowed to say stuff like "Go troll somewhere else, asshole!"

Lawrence artist KT Walsh.

If you prefer more traditional scenester fare, head to the Jackpot for an I Heart Local Music Stop Day showcase featuring Forrester, Middle Twin, and (obviously) Psychic Heat, playing their first of at least two weekend shows. The FB event page is here.  Awesome poster!


Those clever kids at Liberty Hall invite you to spend your Stop Day watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off (twice).  Screenings are at at 7:00 and 9:30.  The FB event page is here.

Friday's wackiest Stop Day hijinks are likely to occur at the Atomic Prom at the Replay, where the doo-wop daddies (and mommas) of Dean Monkey and the Dropouts headline a big bill including The Natural (which contains members of, yes, Psychic Heat!) and Nark and the Larks and the DJ stylings of Modrey Hepburn and Mr. Jon Harrison.  Visit the FB event page here.  You'd think there would be a cool poster for an event like this, but the included pic at least gives you a feel for the innocent nature of the evening:

On Saturday, all other events are eclipsed by the massive Kansas Food Truck Festival in ELFK. Psychic Heat will be providing part of the soundtrack for your frog leg tacos.  We already wrote about it over here, but please study this handy map so you don't get lost and wander into some empty Eastside warehouse and get stabbed. 


And end your weekend at the Replay with a matinee from LFK's Mr. Til Willis and a person or band called Salvador Francisco. As near as we can tell, Psychic Heat is not playing at this show.  Dig this poster:

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