Wednesday, May 14, 2014

LFK Festival of the Week: Spring Into Summer at the Replay

With summer upon us (despite the cold-ass weather), LFK usually has at least one festival per week.  The Food Truck Fest kicked things into high gear last week, and this week brings the Replay's annual Spring Into Summer event.  We're not sure it technically qualifies as a festival, but there are a bunch of bands, and also tacos, so it's close enough in our book.  Mouthbreathers make a return appearance as headliners, and the bill is stacked with old favorites like Drakkar Sauna and new favorites like OILS. But is Psychic Heat playing, you may ask yourself?  And the answer is:  of course, dummies!

Visit the FB event page here for set times.

Nobody made a flyer apparently?  But here's the pic from the FB event page plus a recent pic from Taco Zone.

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