Thursday, May 22, 2014

Weekend Picks: Comedians; Strange Brew; Westport Roots Festival, And More

Our weekend picks are up a day early.  LFK offers up a full slate of comedy hijinks and music to accompany your Memorial Day boozing.

We've spent a few recent Thursdays checking out the Harpoon Presents gang in the Big 6 Room at the Eldridge as they offer up two comedy shows each week (one at 8:00, one at 10:00, with more-or-less punctual start times).  Each week brings a different local headliner, preceded by three or four local or touring acts.  The setting provides an elegant backdrop for such bits as Rob Schulte's ruminations on Aronofsky's "ass-to-ass" scene and Joe Noh's cataloguing of his best wet dreams.  Tonight's headliner is Peter Lyrene.  Does he have any timely Ryan Gosling material regarding Gosling's much-hated directorial debut at Cannes?  Let's find out.  Visit the FB event page here.

Will a bunch of hosers show up to watch Strange Brew  on the big screen at Liberty Hall on Friday at 8:00?  We're not sure what kind of crowd to expect for this one, but Mr. Mean Melin from Scene Stealers claims to have seen the damn thing about 100 times, and presumably there are others like him out there!  Find more details about "the greatest Canadian, beer-centric, Shakespeare adaptation ever made" via the Liberty Hall site here.

Sort of an odd Friday at the Replay as they trade in the usual matinee folk and bluegrass for an evening with our (loud) pals in The Organ Loaners, along with KC's Jorge Arano Trio and Wichita's The Wonder Revolution.  Who?  Well, go find out, or find some more info via the FB event page,which includes this ingriuing pic:

And the late show of Friday's Replay double-headers is a rap and hip-hop evening with the "Pocket Full of Loud" tour featuring Steddy P and Stik Figa and others.  We're still fond of our Stik Figa interview from 2012.


If you're in need of a music festival for the holiday weekend, our pick is the Westport Roots Festival on Saturday, which is full of the kinds of Americana-bands that we continue to dig even though it's not very cool to dig them anymore.

On Saturday, Comedy Freakout returns to Frank's with The Fine Gentlemen's Club from Denver.  FB event page here. They certainly look pretty funny.

There may be other stuff happening too.  Or just go to the lake.

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