Monday, May 19, 2014

It's Rescheduled Show Week in LFK! Morrissey and Riff Raff at Liberty Hall

Moz fans are hoping that the third time is a charm this week. After two medical-related cancellations, Morrissey is slated to play on Tuesday at Liberty Hall.   So put on your "Meat is Murder" shirt, pay your big bucks, and see what happens (presumably a bunch of spoken-word stuff from the new album).

Research indicates the singer stormed off during the encore at last week's El Paso show due to security issues, but otherwise the shows have been happening. And at least he left during an appropriately-titled song:

"During "Someday Goodbye Will Be Forever," the second song of the encore, fans one-by-one climbed the stage and hugged or attempted to hug Morrissey.

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