Monday, May 5, 2014

Weekend Recap: Split Lip Scuffles and Bear Fighting Boy Scouts / Cinco de Mayo Picks: Tacos + Burlesque at the Replay

Well, we may have missed what our pals @fartlyfe proclaimed the "greatest concert in LFK history" at the Granada last night with the Love Garden 24th anniversary show.  But we did hear some music this weekend.

It was nice to catch Split Lip back in their natural habitat at the Bottleneck on Friday, with a foot-stomping packed-house crowd that included some ladies fighting down front.  Wayne paused his picking to inquire:  "Hey, which of you fuckers are fighting?  I like to fight too!"  But the ladies were quickly ejected before Split Lip or any of the rest of us could join the fray.

And we also saw the KC Bear Fighters on Sunday at the Replay wearing adorable Scout uniforms.  It was a very Moonrise Kingdom-y display of twee. 

Now, on to today's events:

When you're a citizen of the seventh drunkest city in America, you don't need much of an excuse to drink on a Monday.  But Cinco de Mayo makes it damn near essential.

Our top pick is the "Cinco de Taco" event at Replay Lounge, which combines burlesque with the venue's increasingly-popular tacos.  Actually, we can barely even remember what the Replay was like PRIOR to Taco Zone, but that may be a result of too much drinking.

The photo for the FB event page looks like this for some reason. Also, two people are listed as going, so you may be able to get a lot of up close and personal time with the performers.

Occurring simultaneously down the street at Fatso's is this month's installment of the Thieves Guild drinking and drawing events.  There's a 70's prom theme for this one, which sounds kind of awesome.   Specific Cinco de Mayo specials are  not advertised, but with $2 calls you can make your own.  Check out the FB event page here,

Chip: "Tequila helps me to draw good."

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