Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Stuff We Like This Week: Pie Apprentices; Decade Coffee Shop; New Cowboy Indian Bear EP

The pie revolution is underway in LFK and piemaker extraordinaire Meghan is seeking a "pie apprentice" (and other positions) for the soon-to-open Ladybird Diner with a funny ad that you can see in full here"Pie apprentice. No experience needed. Must love baking. Soul of an old woman preferred."  We hear that there's been a flood of applicants so far.  Our personal pick is @_cimmy.  We've yet to meet her in human form, but she's sassy, Southern, and seems to know a lot about pie, a combination that seems very promising indeed.

Here's the logo, which looks nicely retro.


We're not big coffee drinkers, and we haven't made it over to the recently-opened Decade in East Lawrence yet, but we like it nonetheless, and look forward to hanging out there (especially if they get a beer license and more food options!). Check out their Facebook page here to ogle some coffee. They also have a cool logo:


Cowboy Indian Bear dropped a free new EP on your asses this morning to kick off summer in LFK.  It's called "Vandeventer," though we prefer to call it the "broke down van album," which is easier to remember.  Check it out via Bandcamp and read the origin story while you're there.   

Vandeventer cover art


And we like this new combination at the Replay patio bar:  PBR tallboys and antacid tables (located not far from Taco Zone).

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