Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Week of Comedy in LFK: Harpoon's Riptide Comedy Fest

As people who enjoy funny things, we're pleased that LFK's sketch-comedy scene (with Loaded for Bear and Card Table Theatre) has been going strong even in the wake of Mr. Victor Continental's retirement.   Mark our words: Card Table's Saved by the Bell night at Frank's (Jan. 18) is gonna be huge.  

LFK's stand up-scene is booming too.  Starting Monday Jan. 13, you've got more opportunities than ever to check out the action (local and beyond) when an ambitious, week-long, multi-venue showcase called the Harpoon's Riptide Comedy Festival kicks off.  How ambitious, you ask?  Well, one of the events is to be held at Charlie's Eastside, for fuck's sake.  Have you ever tried to convince a bunch of scenesters to hang out at Charlie's on a Tuesday? It ain't easy.  Visit the official Harpoon Presents site here for full info and check out their Facebook page here for links to individual FB events and much more.  Clicking our links below will get you to individual FB event pages as well.

Our personal picks for the Fest?

We're particularly hyped about the two Taproom events. Richard is interested in Monday's "Hot Riffs" (Chicago comics--including the Puterbaugh Sisters--talkin' music) and Chip is partial to Thursday's "Bedside Table," which is likely to be especially dirty, a night of dating/hook-up stories with a theme of "admissions, omissions, and emissions." 

After all the "emissions" talk, the week climaxes (get it??) Friday with another edition of Comedy Freakout at Frank's, featuring noted out-of-towners Sam Tallent (Denver) and  Ryan Thompson (Pittsburg) along with the usual hijinks from LFK's Peter and Chance and the gang.

Remember:  comics are funnier if there's somebody on hand to laugh at their jests.  So go out and support this thing!

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