Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What's New and Coming Soon in NoLaw: Coffee, Carny Classes, and Hostels

IWIG Dairy didn't last long near Dapper Dillon's. That location is now called E-CIG,  keeping two of the letters from IWIG in a clever/lazy cost-saving maneuver: check out the photo below.

But these days you can visit IWIG in NoLaw and then grab a cup of coffee next door at the newly-opened Brewhaus.  Click that link and give them a "like" on FB. 

LJ-World's Town Talk has also recently alerted us to two important future additions to No Law.

1) A school called The Last Carnival that will teach important skills such as using a bullwhip and walking on glass  (full LJ-World piece here).

Chip:  "I thought carny-skills were genetic?  Can they be taught?  And isn't this going to create even more buskers in this town?  They already breed like rabbits."

2)  A banquet hall/hostel, which seems like an unexpected combination:  won't the buskers and drunk musicians of the hostel end up crashing most of the swanky receptions? (full LJ-World piece here).  

What else is new in NoLaw?
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