Monday, January 27, 2014

Tuesday Scenester Picks: Burroughs' Storytelling at LAC and Trash Nite T&A at Bottleneck

The Burrough's 100th birthday festivities continue on Tuesday with a storytelling night at the LAC in which old friends and acquaintances can swap tales about...shootin' art with shotguns and such.  What tales will Wayne Propst tell? Our friends from Watkins Museum will be on hand with a recording booth if you want to share a story to be archived or possibly used in future exhibits.  Details here via LAC.

Follow that up with a trip to Trash  Nite at the Bottleneck for an evening which looks like it was designed specifically with Chip in mind:  "two plugged-in hours of T&A arcade comedies."  Chip has always argued that Joy Sticks is "a forgotten classic that's as touching and tender as anything by Rohmer and surely one day worthy of Criterion treatment."  How did Joe Don Baker not win an Oscar? Watch the trailer below.

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