Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday Activities: Winter Nights Under the Lights / BaioWolf at Replay

As you may have noticed, it's perpetually Christmas in LFK, since downtown has decided to leave the lights up until...Valentine's Day, maybe?

A shopping/eating/boozing event tonight called "Winter Nights Under the Lights" gives you a chance to stroll around and look at the lights some more. It might not even be snowing (yet).  Visit the FB event page here, though we're still confused as to who all is participating and what the deals may be. Is there a cheaper than usual PBR special somewhere?

Afterward, you can catch Coolzey, all the way from LA, and LFK's own BaioWolf and New Suede at the Replay.  We predict hijinks. Perhaps a cover of "Home on the Range," even though Kansas Day is (sadly) over.  Visit the FB event page here, where will you learn important info (BaioWolf has a drummer now?) and see an illustration of what tonight will look like:

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