Friday, January 10, 2014

Weekend Picks: Muff Punch; Wells the Traveler; More Dead Girls; and the Coens at Liberty Hall

It seems a bit slow this weekend in LFK but here are some ideas.

There's a band called Muff Punch at Frank's tonight.  We haven't listened to a note, but Chip has already declared the band name to be one of the greatest he's ever heard.  The FB event page is here.


 Our pals in Wells the Traveler are at the Jazzhaus tonight. King Tosser has deemed their genre as "MILF-rock" because there are always a lot of "mature" ladies on the dance floor. 

Those prolific Dead Girls are at the Jackpot on Saturday along with Rooms Without Windows and Grenadina.  Will they please play the Revolver album for us?  They keep doing it for KC...but why not for us good folks in LFK??  The FB event page doesn't have a flyer, but it does have a picture of Statler and Waldorf.

Also music-related:  the Coens' lovely, melancholy Inside Llewyn Davis arrives at Liberty Hall.  We've seen it once already.  We'll see it at least once more on the big-screen.  If the cat doesn't win an Oscar for "Best Cat," there is just no justice in Hollywood.



Anonymous said...

I heard an interview of the Coen's recently. The cat is actually several cats-- they just chose the cat that could do the right trick for any given scene.

So can they give a shared oscar?

Boyd Crow said...

Excellent question for a couple of pussies like Richard and Chip

Chip said...

I think you mean Dick'n'the Rev.