Thursday, January 23, 2014

Weekend Scenester Picks: Love Bones, Nerds, Noise Boys, Coens Classics, and More

After today, it might be warm enough to leave the house without fear of frostbite.   Let's find out what's happening.

We like kicking off our Fridays with some matinee action at the Replay, plus Chip thinks the name "Love Bones" is surely a boner reference.


Stick around late for All Blood (which contains a Rooftop Vigilante), plus Lazy and perpetual LC favorites Wayne Payne and the Shit Stains.  We can't find a flyer for the show, but here's a video of Wayne Payne and company from last year. They seem to have really matured as artists.

Super Nerd Night returns to the Bottleneck with the usual hijinks plus music from The Sluts and many more. The Sluts seem almost as prolific as Psychic Heat, but maybe not quite.  FB event page here.


It's a big weekend at the B-neck.  Patty Griffin hits the stage on Saturday.  It sold out quick.

Here is a great flyer for Saturday's Replay show from the mighty Muscle Worship. Yep, they chose the perfect Stallone flick to reference.  Our old Joplin pals Me Like Bees are also on the bill.  Re-read our 2012 Bees interview here


And the Noise Boys return to LFK on Saturday for a Granada show.  Normally we ask them to write a guest piece for us, but we let 'em off the hook since they so recently did a Christmas post for us about their KC fundraiser.  However, they did promise to send us their review of I, Frankenstein in the near future. It's the one where a bare-chested Aaron Eckhart (playing Frankenstein's monster, AKA "Adam") fights some gargoyles. NO ONE is more excited about I, Frankenstein than the Noise Boys.


And you should follow your viewing of I, Frankenstein by seeing an actual film.  Perhaps Liberty's Film Church screening of the Coens' classic Raising Arizona at 7:00 Sunday.  The Coens' are the first directors to be featured twice at Film Church (remember that scratchy 35mm print of Blood Simple?).  Perhaps Film Church should continue featuring all the Coens' films, and in order!

Chip's going in costume, with a "panty" on his head.

Is there a contest for best Nic Cage impression?
"I tried to stand up and fly straight, but it wasn't easy with that sumbitch Reagan in the White House."

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