Thursday, January 16, 2014

What We Learned At Nerd Nite 23 / Weekend Nostalgia Pick: Card Table Theatre Takes On Saved By The Bell

What we learned:

--Nerd Nite is apparently more popular than ever.  Man, there were a lot of nerds flooding the ballroom. Even the beer lines were long.  (pro tip:  race to the bar during the Q&A sessions).

--Video games give you "agency"  (remember when you tried to shoot the dog on Duck Hunt?).

--Soma Cubes are cool as hell and easier than Rubik's Cubes.

--The "sleeping pill diet" makes a lot of sense:  if you're asleep, you won't eat.

--Recent Nerd Nite surveys show that nerds would like future events to include:  food specials (not gonna happen in the ballroom, but the Star Bar is now offering discounts in the hours leading up to the presentations);  drink specials (yes, please); and incorporation of trivia in some fashion.  The surveys also showed that nerds do NOT want a speed-dating event (because, of course, nerds are scared of dating).

Most touching moment:  a toast to William Burroughs on his 100th birthday (even though his 100th birthday is actually Feb. 5).


A lot of people really love Saved by the Bell for some reason, so expect a big turnout in the cockfighting pit at Frank's on Saturday as the jokers from Card Table Theatre re-enact a "classic" episode, presenting a "live stage version of "Jessie's Song"... accompanied by 90's PSA's, commercials, and a move trailer or two."  Visit the FB event page here.  And read Nick Spacek's excellent interview with Card Table's Will and Jacqueline over here

And presumably you've all read  Chuck Klosterman's classic essay "Being Zach Morris."  If not, go do that in advance of the show (we can't find it online in full).

Klosterman:   "...I could watch Saved by the Bell without caring and still have it become a minor part of my life, which is the most transcendent thing any kind of art can accomplish (regardless of its technical merits)."  


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