Thursday, December 19, 2013

Weekend Holiday Picks: Jokes, Gremlins, Baiowolf, Solstice Parties, and More

The holidays are almost upon us and we're taking our usual long winter's nap on the blog till after the New Year.  See you on Twitter until then.

We've already showcased tonight's Muscle Worship homecoming show and Saturday night's "Very Shitty Christmas" event at Frank's, so let's see what else is happening.

Some folks are telling jokes at the Jazzhaus tonight. We're not really sure who they are, except for Gunnerson, but maybe you'll laugh.  Probably you'll laugh more than you will at Anchorman 2, which is... not great.

Liberty Hall provides some holiday merriment with the Christmas classic Gremlins on Friday.  This should be a treat.

The Gaslight hosts an interesting community event on Friday (though their poster needs an editor!).


Black on Black will sing some carols down at the Replay on Friday.  And look:  a BaioWolf sighting!  And an image and line from Heathers on the poster! Sold.


And the Percolator celebrates the Solstice on Saturday with a potluck event and people reading stories about creatures from the Snipe Hunt show.   Probably some hippies will prance around naked in the snow at some point, though that isn't listed on the FB event page

See you in 2014.

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