Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Early Final Friday Picks: Make More Love at the Percolator and Music at Love Garden

Following the very hip Snipe Hunt exhibit, the Percolator gets back in touch with its hippie roots with this month's Final Friday opening, titled "Make More Love." We predict that the evening will end with a fleshy gropefest.  Here's the pic from the FB event page.  Chip deems it "erotic." 

And it's an evening of tunes and art down at Love Garden on Friday: flyer below.  We hope that Gunnerson will be telling some jokes to complement his artwork.  Check out the FB event page here.

Also, our friend Katlyn in La Guerre needs some help getting to Europe this summer.   Visit the indiegogo site to read more and contribute.  So far, you sonsabitches have only given her $10.  She may need a little more than that.

 Also, if you're in KC tonight, catch La Guerre with Frankie Rose at the Record Bar.

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