Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Trippy Local Album Release of the Month: Your Spaceship Awaits You, My Love From 1,000,000 Light Years / Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds at Love Garden on Wednesday

Readers, the official digital release of the new 1,000,000 Light Years album on Range Life Records is still a week away, but we wanted to give you plenty of time to stock up on the necessary drugs before Your Spaceship Awaits You, My Love beams right into your headphones on March 19th.

Here's an excerpt from the Range Life press release:

"...1,000,000 Light Years makes the kind of gorgeously rational music that blings on the page while arrhythmic pulses and free-form effects blur the boundaries in the headphones. Meditatively danceable, emotively New Age, "Your Spaceship Awaits You, My Love" is prismatic music for both inner and outer space." 

This press release wasn't written by White Flight's Justin Roelofs, was it??

Chip:  "You had me at 'danceable,' but you lost me at 'New Age.'"

While you wait for the release, read the full press release at the 1,000,000 Light Years page on Range Life Records here and find all the links you need to prepare your mind for the 19th.

Also, we highly recommend watching this video called "Introducing 1,000,000 Light Years" in which Patrick Hangauer talks about the influence of Raffi (" 'Grampa's Farm' is a pretty hot track.").


We stopped by Love Garden last week to buy the new ACB's album (because we are hip) and we were chatting a bit with Kelly (because he is hip) and he told us that Wednesday's show with Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds is likely to "get rowdy."  We believe him.   KC's Lazy is slated to go on at 7:00.  Visit the FB event page here and stop by and see Kid Congo and company before they head to SXSW and then...across the pond!

Listen to the spooky-as-hell track "Conjure Man" via Youtube here:

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