Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Nerd Nite 15 Recap: James Naismith, Prester John, Billy Jack...and Volcanoes!

The Nerds congregated once again and here's what happened:

After Travis Weller's telling of the Nerd Nite origin story, our friend and Pachamama's bartender Chris Marshall delivered a surprise, stat-heavy history of KU basketball, from Naismith to Self.  Yes, Chip booed the picture of Roy Williams till his throat was sore.

1)  Matt Kirkland's presentation on the legend of Prester John,  "the awesomest historical figure you've never heard of,"  was easily one of the funnier ones so far and also claimed the title of "best power-point ever," according to co-boss Becky.  Kirkland explained the stories of Prester John's magical 12th-century kingdom, supposedly full of gold, elephants, unicorn, and...pepper, along with numerous efforts to discover it, including one quest led by none other than "Marco Fucking Polo."

Moment of simultaneous nerd erections: a shout-out to Game of Thrones while "Winter is coming" appeared on the screen.

A possible moral for this tale:  "The urge to believe that somebody somewhere has their shit together is really strong."


2) Rocking an awesome Billy Jack t-shirt, our friend Julia Good Fox traced the history of Haskell in particular (and tribal colleges in general) from the trauma of the boarding-school eras where children were stripped of their heritage up to the present day where a bad-ass like Julia teaches classes on decolonization and genocide.  After the presentation, she vowed to take us out to the Medicine Wheel on some warm day in LFK. 

3) After a little history on the geology of the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Greece, Josh Feldman ended the evening with a nerd-pleasing series of facts about volcanoes and volcanic ash.  According to Feldman, "the coolest volcano" is obviously Mount Tambora, in Indonesia, with its 1814 eruption.  Google it, nerds.

Caldera Mt Tambora Sumbawa Indonesia.jpg

Upcoming:  The April Nerd Nite is slated to feature none other than our former guest columnist and all-around hilarious person Courtneybelle.  Rumor is that the evening may deal with cults and secret societies and such.  Skip the Kool Aid and stick with the PBR.

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