Thursday, March 7, 2013

Yet ANOTHER Very Special Message From The Noise FM: See Them at Bottleneck on Friday With Quiet Corral and The Envy Corps

As you may know by now, when the Chicago-based "Noise Boys" of The Noise FM have a show in LFK we always ask them to send us a "very special message" about the gig.  Their last several appearances have been holiday affairs and benefits and such, but their Bottleneck show tomorrow (Friday, March 8) is just a plain old rock show as best as we can tell, so you don't have to worry about dressing up or doing good deeds or any of that crap.  Just go and drink and rock.   They're opening up for The Envy Corps and Quiet Corral and they go on early at 9:00-ish, so don't be tardy. 

Revisit our official Noise Boys interview here (yes, it's the one with the legendary picture of Austin walking Mr. Budget on ).

And revisit our Quiet Corral interview here (contains a fun Rufus Wainwright encounter).

And check out The Envy Corps on FB here (because we haven't interviewed those gents yet).

Now here is this gig's blurb from Alex from The Noise FM, complete with a timely Hugo Chavez joke:

"We recently announced our spring tour dates, which mistakenly includes a stop in Springfield, Missouri on March 17. Austin FM booked the tour and didn’t realize there was more than one Springfield in America when I said, “Book us in Springfield because it’s on our way home.” Though I was referring to Springfield, ILLINOIS, we’ll play the show regardless because it’s St. Patrick’s Day and there’s a 40% chance the venue will give us a free drink.  Anyway, there’s a Facebook event for the Springfield, Missouri show, and some dude wrote on the wall, "Holy shit, The  Noise FM are still around? Saw them in '07 ... awesome."  You’re god damn right we’re still around. We'll always be around -- just like the penny, the pope, and Hugo Chavez. 

We're coming home to Lawrence on Friday for a show at The Bottleneck with our buds in Quiet Corral. We're kicking off the show early at 9pm so we're anticipating a crowd still buzzed on La Familia margs.  You can expect to hear lots of new material from our upcoming years-in-the-making record "Chinese Democracy."
And here are the Noise Boys on a romantic ferris wheel ride together:

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