Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Our Chat With Kentucky Comic Versace BB: "l'm the only authentic gangster-ass redneck."

As noted earlier, it's a big week for stand-up comedy in LFK.  Tonight's Jazzhaus showcase is bringing in some Chicago cats and, our personal favorite, the Kentucky gentleman Versace BB.  We had a chance to quiz Versace today about his comedy and his influences.  Enjoy!  And remember that the date on the flier below is wrong (these shenanigans happen TONIGHT!  Doors at 7:30).

Chip: I dig Southern comedy. Would you say that you are more like Jeff Foxworthy or Larry the Cable Guy? Because both are fucking hilarious.

Versace BB:  Well, Chip, first off thxxx 4 havin me. Yes. l'm southern. Shit is much different in Kentucky. l travel a lot to do comedy. All over the world. But...the SOUTH rides with me! Jeff Foxworthy is actually my uncle. l don't usually talk about it. REAL TALK. We're very different. Uncle Jeff is really square, don't know what he even really thinks of my comedy. He keeps it clean. l have gold teeth and a coon skin cap at some shows. He's making a killing so... l can't front on that. Get thoze staxxx, son! Larry the Cable Guy is a fake-ass bitch too. He used to wear sleeves. Pauly Shore's mom told him to rip them shits off. He did it and, poot, he's famous. A famous dicksickle. l'm the only authentic gangster-ass redneck. Tag em and bag em. l get all that azz.

Richard: Tell us about your comedic influences. Also, who do you think is the best nationally-known comedian working today and why? Gervais insists that it's Louis CK.

Versace BB:   Obviously l love CK. Gervais is killin it. But l'd rather be watching Doug Stanhope, Brian Posein, or Bill Burr. Patrice O'Neal was the man tho. R.I.P. Sometimes you just gotta let bitches kno they bitches. Especially if you talkin to a big fukn baby....thinkn he "indy." Shut up, bitch!

Chip: You don't do "anti-comedy" do you. Because I like my comedy to be funny. Will there be actual jokes at this show? And will there be any dick jokes, because those are my favorite.

Versace BB:   This ain't anti-comedy. lt's comedy. Maybe a bit larger than life and in your face but that's my life. I was born in the back of a Cadillac in a Carl's Jr. drive thru. True story. My pops was mad hungry. My mom was havin a baby. They never saw eye 2 eye. l was always stuck in the middle. This pretty much formed my life. Crazy fuckd shit sittin around smokin weed and avoiding my fukd up methed-out neighborz. could say that Death Row records raised me and we were too poor for Aldi. That's it. Rap and hunting...and A LOT OF WEED. l can talk about my dick for hours on some real shit too. If that sounds like something you want to hear jokes about then you'll laugh till u GZA. 

Chip:  I'm fucking hyped, Versace! I can talk about my dick for hours too.  For instance, let me tell you this story about this boner I had last week...

Richard: So I know that you're a Kentucky gentleman, but are you familiar at all with the LFK comedy scene. There's a real abrasive cat named BARRR that does some interesting stuff. Ever heard of him?

Versace BB:  Yeah. I fucks with BARRR. That dude performed with me on tour last year. A few small clubz/bars on a 2 week tour. He invited me to come to Lawrence. Just poppn thru. l once saw him almost get stabbed in Mississippi after farting on some drunk bitch. He called that crowd-work. Laughed my ass off. That dude has major drug/booze problems.... but I def fuck with him.

Chip: Tell our readers why they absolutely MUST attend this show at the Jazzhaus. Also, do you use props in your act? Please tell me yes. Prop comics are my favorite.

Versace BB:  This show haz 3 separate seasoned comedians traveling here to perform. This aint no bullshit. That fuckn weirdo Ed Parker is puttin together one hell of a show. l don't know much about the Jizz Haus but if they fuckn with Versace must be a sicc-ass joint. lf you like 2 laugh & u aint a bitch then come fuck with me. l just bought new fronts for this show.  NOTHlN BUT REALTREE & GOLD, BlTCH!

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