Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Final Friday Picks: mARTch Madness, Wonder Fair's Secret Order of the Black Diamond, Andy Byers' Servants at Invisible Hand

Readers, let's face it.  Most of you are going to watch KU's Sweet Sixteen game instead of looking at Final Fridays art this week.  But here's another truth:  there's a small but significant contingent of artsy types who will still be hitting the art trail on Friday, people who are either oblivious to--or openly hostile toward--the LFK sports culture.

Chip: "I refuse to believe this truth."

It's true, Chip, and sometimes we can almost relate, especially after spending the last game at Dempsey's near a group of young bros who were loudly calling Roy Williams a "faggot" and making cancer jokes.

Anyway, here are some picks for Final Friday. And of course all these exhibitions continue onward after Friday for basketball fans who also enjoy art.

1)  mARTmadness is underway at 1109 Gallery.  LFK's art tourney modeled on the NCAA brackets has an opening TONIGHT and then marches onward on Final Friday with another round of cuts.  (Re)read our behind-the-scenes look over here .   And please vote for this painting which we believe is a commentary on the efforts of science to illuminate the inner workings of the animal mind and...oh, who are we kidding! We just like the kitty!

2)  Our friends at Wonder Fair are always doing things that are completely bugfuck nuts (as the kids say), but usually we have at least some grasp on what's going on over there.  Not this time.  We seriously don't understand anything  about their "Secret Order of the Black Diamond" project (except that there's a Kickstarter element: they need your money to continue their oddness).

Perhaps you can piece some of the mysteries together with help from the FB event page here and make sure to watch the awesome video on that page.  Here's a flyer that probably contains some important clues. 

3)  The opening with the most prestigious pedigree is surely Andy Byers' Servants at Invisible Hand.  According to the press release, Byers "has worked with film iconoclasts such as Isabella Rossellini, Guy Madden, John Cameron Mitchell and James Franco."   Will Franco be on hand for the opening?  Probably.  That son-of-a-bitch is EVERYWHERE!  

Servants is a  "a multi-part art experience in collaboration with Lawrence rock band Hospital Ships." 

To understand all these parts (even though you probably missed the first two parts),  visit the FB event here .


In the meantime, let Isabella Rossellini teach you about dolphin sex:

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