Thursday, March 14, 2013

St. Patty's Scenester Picks: Parade at Frank's, Hoolie at Granada, St. Patio Show at Replay, More Booze at the Pig

With the basketball tournaments underway and St. Patty's on Sunday and Spring Break kicking into high gear, many of our readers will be drunk from now until...well, whenever KU exits the NCAA tournament (Chip:  "It's a second round kind of year. Mark it.").

We're mostly taking a hiatus during Spring Break, but we'll leave you with a few St. Patty's events to consider.

Kick off at noon with a "hoolie" at the Granada.  It's not St. Patty's without a hoolie.   Tyler Gregory will be there.


Where's the best place to watch the parade this year?  Frank's North Star, of course.  Grab a front row seat as the parade makes its final descent toward the Dirty Bird. And Frank's will be serving up Irish Stew.

Afterward, head to The St. Patio Show at the Replay which kicks off at 3:00 and features The Recessionists, Olassa, Tyler Gregory (his second but presumably not final gig of the day!), Sunflower Colonels, Carswell and Hope, James Rose Jr, and the Horsebite Tears.  The FB event page is here .

We hear that the Replay's newly remodeled patio is just waiting for you to puke and spill green beer all over it.  Luckily, the rain and sleet and snow will help clean it up promptly!

Then eat some more Irish Stew at the Pig.

St. Patrick's Day @ The Pig

Enjoy St. Patty's and Spring Break and we'll leave you with this picture of a Twinkie riding a PBR!  (read the LA Mag piece about PBR saving the delicious and endangered Twinkies here ).

 Photo: Thank you, PBR, for saving the Twinkie!!

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